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Nikki Pattillo lives in the coastal area of Texas with her husband and daughter Maddy. Formerly a clinical microbiologist and a molecular biologist, Nikki’s own early psychic experiences have led her to write about psychic children in “Star Children” and “A Spiritual Evolution.” Her daily calendar for teens, complete with practical exercises, will be released by Crystal Spectrum in 201.

Lauren Lane Powell: I was teaching the world how to sing in private voice lessons and in workshops and seminars all across the country. I loved being on the road for 3 weeks every month in the most beautiful places in the country. I thought I had everything. I was fit and trim, maintaining a good diet and exercise routine, the picture of perfect health.

Six months after my 50th birthday a doctor ordered an ultrasound in response to my mild discomfort and confirmed stage 3C ovarian cancer.

I asked for prayer support on Facebook. I posted each step of what has turned out to be an amazing dance with death. After 5 surgeries and 18 weeks of chemotherapy I healed only to get another shot at it a year later! Just before finishing another 18 rounds of chemo, I stopped treatments to take care of my mom who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am singing through the sadness. I am purging the pain. I am learning to love what is!  I am finding the gifts in this Holy Shift and I am now cancer free!

Jen Bacher grew up doodling and drawing on the west coast of Florida. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, and received her BFA in Computer Animation in 2009. Multi-talented, Jen’s projects include T-shirt designs, murals, etc. ‘Fly Bird, Fly’ represents her first foray into children’s book illustration. She currently lives in the Charlotte, NC area.

Myra Logan, a longtime Texas-based animal communicator opens up and shares her personal spiritual journey that led her from a career in corporate America to  working with the animal kingdom in her first book, “Hey! Can You Hear Us? Messages from Animals?” Myra resides in a rural area north of Houston and conducts workshops for aspiring animal communicators in addition to providing personal readings for many clients.

Lin Sharp,  is the co-author of “Hey! Can You Hear Us? Messages from Animals.”  Lin holds a B.S. from Indiana University and two additional associate degrees in graphic and web design from the College of DuPage. A resident of Western North Carolina, Lin enjoys scenic hikes in the mountains and  photography when not writing under various pen names.